Variable Data Solutions


One-to-one marketing

Variable data printing, sometimes called one-to-one marketing, is a process in which each piece is printed digitally and customized.

Statistics vary, but a well-designed variable data piece with a good list typically generates a much higher response rate than a piece using a traditional static approach.


Everything is possible...

In addition to the name and address, text, graphics, or entire sections can be unique and relative to each recipient.

For example, a nonprofit organization can send a personalized postcard to segmented groups of donors, with images and text relevant to that group. You can print exactly how many you need for that particular segment.

Reach the right people at the right time!

Variable data printing is also a fantastic tool for test marketing by enabling layout or copy adjustment based on response from a partial list.

  • event promotion: flyers, brochures, etc.
  • direct mail pieces
  • personalized letters
  • postcards and other mailings
  • images and copy can be tailored based on a wide range of variables including age or gender, interests, buying habits, ZIP code or type of car they drive.