QR Code Tip Sheet

QR codes provide limitless opportunities to connect with your audience, but here are some key points we thought we’d share for getting the best results when using them to integrate offline (print) and online (web) media.

Print the URL near the code.

QR Tips


Don’t assume everyone will be able to scan the code. People might not have a smart phone or a QR code reader. Some may not know what that funny looking thing is. Provide another way for them to see your offer; otherwise, instead of creating an opportunity for your viewer, your QR code becomes an invitation to a party he or she is unable to attend. No value in that.

Create mobile-friendly sites.

Also called “optimized for mobile” or “cell-phone friendly”, a QR code’s destination should be easily viewed on a phone. This means no link to the company’s regular website (unless that site is already optimized for mobile viewing; many aren't.) Since the whole idea of using a QR code is being able to scan them with a phone, it doesn’t really make sense to have the code go to a site meant to be viewed on a 19-inch monitor.

Less is more.

The fewer characters contained in a QR code, the easier it is for a device to read. This is especially helpful in situations where the intended audience is on the go. A simpler code generally means that the phone or camera will read it faster.

This also applies to the level of error correction included in the code. Unless you are doing something unusual or fancy with the code (such as obscuring a portion of it with another graphic or logo) then you generally don't need a high level of error correction.

Take visitors someplace fun or unique.

When someone takes the time to scan your code, make sure to take them somewhere worth visiting. Remember to make the destination about THEM, not about YOU. Create something dynamic and interactive. You might consider giving away free tickets, a chance to enter a drawing, a coupon for a special discount or exclusive access to something.

Be wary of glitz and glamour.

We’ve all seen the woman stumbling down the street wearing fancy five-inch heels. Sure, the shoes are fabulous, but the woman looks ridiculous because she can’t walk in them. A QR code with a logo incorporated in the middle of it looks cool, but if it takes a long time to scan or worse, won’t scan at all, your QR code is just a splotchy blob to nowhere. Current limitations of cell phone technology mean customized codes might work, or they might not. Don’t take that chance. Producing a simple code will increase the number of phones and readers that can scan it.

Consider your expectations.

Think about what you are trying to do with the QR code. Are you trying to increase customer engagement, build brand loyalty, educate your audience, generate leads? Be sure you define your goals prior to integrating a QR code, and determine how you’ll define its success.

Make sure it works.

Before finalizing your printed code, test it using a variety of devices and scanner applications to make sure your code will be successfully scanned.

QR Codes 

QR codes are an exciting new way to integrate offline (print) and online (web) marketing!

QR code generator

QR (Quick Response) codes are 2-dimensional bar codes created in 1994 by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave as a way to efficiently track inventory. QR images work by crunching data into a graphic that can be read by a digital camera or cell phone with a camera. With the ability to encode up to 4,296 alphanumeric charaters, including URL links, geo-coordinates, or any other text, QR codes are far more versatile than standard bar codes. When placed on printed materials, they become a vehicle that drives people straight to your door.

Using a smart-phone that is equipped with a standard QR code reader app, (most of which are readily downloadable for free) anyone can scan the code and be presented with digital content such as a vCard, website, YouTube video, and just about anything!

Supercharge marketing efforts

For marketers, QR codes provide limitless opportunities for connecting with the consumer. Instead of asking them to remember and type a URL, you can now just whisk them there in seconds! By providing a quick and convenient way to go from the printed page, sign, or product label to the web, your marketing efforts become interactive conversations unrestricted by media.

Contact us if you are looking for a large quantity, or QR Codes in bulk, such as for a product catalog. We can also provide various automations and metrics to help maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

Next steps.

Printing your code(s) and sending users to your website or embedding vCard data in your business card is a great first step. But do you want to know how many times it was scanned? Do you need it to print very large? Is there a chance you’ll want to re-use that same code, but with different information? If your answer to any of these is yes, then you may want to consider taking advantage of one of our hosted QR solutions, where you can set up and choose from several ready-to-go online destinations for your qr codes, of which you can readily change, customize, redirect, and access real-time statistics.

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