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From list creation to mailing, Boelte-Hall is committed to being your best and most complete resource for direct mail.

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These days, sending mail to the right person at the right time is more important than ever. You expect your marketing dollars to bring results, and in order to get them your mailpieces need to be relevant to your recipients’ needs, interests and lifestyle. We can help you fine tune your direct mail list so you get maximum results. Whether you need a simple list of every business in a certain ZIP code or area of town, or a more complex list with several criteria, we can get it for you, so you get the best response for every dollar spent.

Savvy Seven

The Savvy Seven:

Basic Elements of an Outstanding Direct Mail/Email Campaign

You have important stuff to share, and people who receive more than one communication from you are more likely to respond the way you want them to. If you’re looking to generate higher ROI on your next campaign, consider using a Direct Mail/Email cocktail that includes the following seven ingredients.

1. The direct mail piece should be received a week before the first email, and emails should continue at regular intervals, increase in urgency, and be based on response (or lack thereof). If the recipient of your direct mail piece responded to your call to action (you did include a call to action, didn’t you?), your followup email response should thank them and contain additional information they may need. Non-responders should receive incrementally urgent emails up until the expiration of the campaign.

2. Both the mail piece and email should contain the same identifying elements and each should reference the other. The email subject line should be succinct and reference something specific and memorable from the direct mail piece received earlier. It’s also a good idea to test subject lines so your message won’t end up in the spam filter Bucket o’ Shame.

3. Be sure to use good, relevant, current data for your list. It doesn’t matter how fabulous your offer is if you’re mailing an invitation to the Beef Conference to an all-vegetarian household.

4. Don’t forget that pesky Call to Action. Your direct mail and email pieces should always ask people to register for an event, order something, sign up for a promotion, etc. Better yet, include a personalized URL so you can track response and find out what makes your customers tick.

5. Email salutations should be personalized. People get emails all day long from people who don’t know anything about them. Those are easy to delete. You have a much better chance of being read if you at least call the person by their name.

6. Be sure your call to action is in the upper third of your email. You want to be sure recipients don’t have to scroll down to see what your point is. They might not do it. Again, they are just looking for a reason to delete you.

7. Minimize load time by using minimal imagery in emails. This means you have to find creative ways to reference your direct mail pieces. The recipient might not still have your mail piece, but if colors, fonts, and the tone of your message is the same, you’ll have a better chance of sparking their memory and keeping their attention. Don’t forget to make sure the message displays well as a text version for those who choose this option in their email preferences.

Questions? Comments? Want to know more about serving up an outstanding campaign? We’ve conducted highly successful Direct Mail/Email campaigns for ourselves and our customers, and we’d love to help you! Contact one of the folks at Boelte-Hall today.

Reduce printing and postage costs.

Keep your company name and services in front of your customers with a postcard, catalog, newsletter or brochure. Discussing your objectives for the piece with our mailing experts prior to file creation can make a huge impact on your bottom line. Sometimes choosing a different weight paper or a slightly different page size can have a considerable impact on the project’s bottom line. We can also help you ensure the piece meets postal regulations so you get the best possible postage rates.

Don’t mess with that big ol’ Regulation book from the Post Office.

Our mailing experts can help with any questions you may have about postal regulations on mailpieces.

Let us help you get maximum results from your advertising dollars. From minimum sizes and weights for postcards to getting the best postage rates on catalogs, newsletters and brochures, you can achieve maximum impact at the best possible value when you work with Boelte-Hall.

For more information, you may also want to check out our variable-data printing service, which is often used in conjunction with our direct mail services. In addition to the name and address, text and graphics can be unique and relative to each recipient. Plus, you can print exactly how many you need for a particular segment.

Whatever your purpose, we have the tools to help you get your content delivered to the right set of hands.

I wanted compliment you and your team on a job VERY well done with this catalog. I was absolutely stunned when I received my copy in the mail – your turnaround time was impressive. Thanks so much for an outstanding effort.