Sturdy printed cutouts

Windows or other graphics can be printed on a variety of materials including Foam Cor, posterboard, Sintra and Ultraboard. These sturdy graphics can be cut to shape and mounted on the wall. Removability depends on mounting method used. These pieces are generally used indoors, although short-term outdoor use in good weather would work too.

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Window Cutout 1

This window and its view are printed on Sintra and mounted on the wall with Velcro.

Window Cutout 2

A windowless cubicle in Roeland Park Kansas now boasts a view of the Northern Shore.

And More!

Window Cutout 3

The crashing waves shown here are actually printed on wall mural material and mounted on the wall. The rock and barrel (and Ed Hall’s flipper-clad feet) are printed on Sintra; Ed is standing between the wall and the barrel/rock.

Window Cutout 4

Boelte Bull was all dressed up for Mardi Gras when his buddy Flat Andy visited him recently. Boelte Bull is printed on 3/8" Sintra and Flat Andy is printed on 1/2" Foam Cor.

Window Cutout 5

Boelte-Hall’s Ed Scanlon takes a break from Irish Fest preparations to pose with a mascot (printed on Sintra).