A little help from our friends 

2013-02-27_bb2ed.pngBoelte-Hall is a member of the PIA Silver PEN Group, a formal alliance comprised of nine like-sized, like-capability, non-competitive printers throughout the country. This network is in place not only to produce jobs throughout North America when warranted, but also to provide backup in case of emergency. While thankfully no member of the Silver PEN group has incurred catastrophic loss, Boelte-Hall has produced dozens of jobs on behalf of the other members, either to fulfill a geographic efficiency, utilize a unique piece of equipment or cover for a member as they install new equipment. During Kansas City’s recent snowstorm double-whammy, we found ourselves in need of one member’s assistance.

2013-02-27_83dc4.pngA Boelte-Hall customer in Harrisburg PA needed a display sent overnight for a show on Friday, but the Kansas City airport was shut down so we couldn’t send it. We called our friends at Metzgers, our peer group member in Toledo (where it’s not snowing), who printed the display and got it where it needed to go. Our customer was thrilled to have her display in time, and we’re grateful to Metzgers for making it happen.

Our Silver PEN group meets four times a year to discuss best practices, equipment and procedures. This unique alliance has allowed us to gain purchasing efficiencies and better service our national and global customers, ensuring a better product for you.

When you work with Boelte-Hall, you’re working with a nationwide network ready to serve, snowstorm or no snowstorm.



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