Are you being left out on a limb? 


When you sign up with a provider to manage one or more components of your marketing efforts, you expect the provider to supply tools and support to help your efforts succeed. After all, that’s what you’re paying them for, right? For example, when you sign on with a service provider to create an email campaign, it’s not much of a stretch to expect the provider to make sure people on your contact list are receiving your message. Unfortunately, with some providers, this is not always so.

2013-02-25_b84b2.pngCase in point: A local merchant association relies on an email service provider to manage their email blasts letting people know of upcoming events and sales from various merchants in two small shopping centers. However, when people get these emails, images aren’t showing up. In many instances, blocks that are supposed to contain coupons or special offers are simply blank. This is not an email recipient issue; it’s an indicator that something is wrong in the implementation of the campaign.

Char, a Boelte-Hall employee, was on the association’s email list, and after receiving the third message in as many weeks with no images, she called the email service provider appearing at the bottom of the message and described the problem. In response, Char was told that if the customer (the merchant association) called the provider about it, tech support would try to help them, but that the provider was not responsible for alerting the customer of any problem with their email blasts. Even when Char suggested the provider call their customer, the response was “that is not something the company does.”

We are left wondering what, exactly, the company does do for its customers.

When Boelte-Hall creates an email campaign for customers, we test repeatedly prior to launch, using several different email servers such as Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail, to make sure things show up correctly. We check to see how the emails look on several different mobile phones. Once testing has taken place and any issues have been addressed and resolved, we launch the campaign. Even then, we place “seeds” – selected internal contacts involved in the campaign – to receive the emails, again, on several different email accounts, to make sure we know exactly what is happening after launch.

Remember, when you work with Boelte-Hall, whether it’s on an email blast, a cross channel campaign or a mailing, you’ll never have to worry about being left out on a limb. We’re with you, every step of the way.

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