Boelte-Hall video helps local non-profit reach its goal. 

2013-02-13_49045.pngThe Seton Center is a small humble building at the corner of 23rd and Kansas that has a huge impact on the community. Hundreds of people go there for food to feed their families when the paycheck runs out. Some get help keeping the heat on. Others need a winter coat or a filling for a child’s tooth.

And what the Center needs is more space to do good work.

That need will be met this summer when Seton Center will double the size of its building. How did they do it? How did they raise close to 5 million dollars to renovate the 58 year-old former grade school they call home? They did it with the help of generous donors and a Boelte-Hall video that explained their story in a way that moved people to get out their checkbooks.

According to Sister Loretto Marie Colwell, Seton Center Executive Director, “[The video] was a very important element in our fundraising effort. When people saw clients being interviewed, it touched their hearts. I can tell stories about the people we serve, but when others hear it from someone real, it can make a big difference. We had one incident with a donor who had already committed to give several thousand dollars to the capital campaign. After he saw the video, he gave two and a half times more money because he was so moved. Everyone who’s seen it loved it.”

At Boelte-Hall we always try to do good work. When our efforts help people do good works for others, it makes us very proud.

Every business has a story. Are your customers getting the message?

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